On the Night

Our team consists of 9 team members all with different passions and abilities to offer you a great night. Mark our Parapsychologist and start of medium is also at most events. The company started in November 2015 and already have a great team and not forgetting some great guests joining us over and over.

On the night you can expect to use various equipment such as:

  • K2 meters
  • EMF Readers
  • EVP’s
  • Dowsing Rods
  • CCTV Equipment
  • Cameras
  • Flir Thermal Camera
  • Trigger Objects

And lots more…….

Take part in:

  • Human Pendulums
  • Lone Vigils
  • Séance
  • Glass diviation
  • Table tippling

And more…….

Refreshments and snacks will be provided on the night by YGH and this is to keep your energy up, however, guests wishing to fetch their own snacks are very welcome. All our team will make you welcome from greeting you on arrival to accompanying you back to your vehicle at the end of the night. If you wish to ask any off our team members a question during the night then please do so. We are here for you !!!

Opening and closing prayers will always be conducted for everyone’s safety and not to allow any entities to attach to the individual. Please join us and come along to one of our events. Call out if you feel comfortable or ask simply if a loved one is there with you. During the night we carry out some time on the Spirit Board (Ouija Board), any guest wishing not to participate do not have to. Just let our team staff know this.
We also state that any females that are pregnant, do NOT attend, you enter these events at your own risk although you will be safe with YGH.

If you feel you would like to bring any equipment yourself then this is, of course, allowed, however, YGH will not be held responsible for loss or damage of your equipment. YGH do have equipment also for all guests to use should they feel they would like to.

On the night you are able to purchase items from our group ie; YGH torches, cups, stickers etc….. If you want to order anything from our online shop, this is also possible and we can fetch this to the event (1 weeks notice is minimum required)

Finally, YGH wants all our guest to have a great night and should there be any issues then please contact us or mention it to Jayne on the night.



Yorkshire Ghost Hunts

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