The History of
Yorkshire Ghost Hunts

Yorkshire Ghost Hunts was born 21st November 2015 by Jayne. Having a small passion for the paranormal she knew it was something she wanted to put together and create a company. Her husband Mark was already a keen investigator joining other companies across the UK searching for the Paranormal together with Jayne’s sister Helen.

In November 2015 Jayne was given her first site, the famous Saltmarshe Hall, running YGH first paranormal event in November was great, together with a team put together which were Jayne, Mark, Helen, Mandy and then also Rebecca.

Within months YGH would not stop growing and becoming more professional and known In the world of the Paranormal groups. Adding locations to their portfolio YGH continued to grow and so did the team. Losing a team member, YGH gained more to replace the position where they are now. Our team members Jayne, Mark, Helen, Phil, Lynda,Jo, Dee & Gary are who make Yorkshire ghost Hunts. Each having a great ability and offer a great relationship with their guests.

Mark and the team offer their assistance and experience on the evenings of events. Both Mark & Helen C have also completed a Spiritual and Psychic weekend to broaden the experience YGH can offer their guests. Mark is also our fully qualified Demonologist, with his course and cases studied with Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe and trying to work with churches to broaden his abilities.

The founder of Yorkshire Ghost Hunts Jayne wants to see this company grow offering more and that extra special service to the guests. Just over 3 years later and Yorkshire Ghost Hunts gained loads of locations, 3 of them EXCLUSIVE,all on our websites, and still growing. YGH likes to offer a wide range of venues instead of continuous same sites all the time. Researching new sites and always keen in searching YGH will maintain looking for the best historic sites around and across Yorkshire and the UK.

Included in our team we also have Al, Helen W & Callum who like to offer the best technical assistance being our tech experts. Not forgetting Jayne who will show you the route of the dowsing rods.

Yorkshire Ghost Hunts will not stop providing you the best experience on nights and will continue to search for the paranormal. This group will only grow and with the huge, continued support from our guests that will make it possible.

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