Our Belgium visit as an investigation team on the 22nd & 23rd September saw us have some great time investigating and visiting three venues within 24hrs.

Setting off on the Friday evening in two vehicles, loaded with various equipment, and 7 investigators we headed down to the south coast and harbour DOVER. Here we where to catch a ferry provided and sponsored by DFDS. Once boarding the ferry and departing from the UK main island we knew we where on our way, and even more we where treated as VIP with a personal visit by the captain and an Exclusive bridge visit. early that morning we arrived on the French coast of Dunkirk, and once leaving the ferry we set our course for Liege and our first venue “Sanatorium Du Basil”. This place was built in 1903 as an TBC hospital treating the ill from this terrible illness. High up in the mountain and facing South it was an ideal spot for the patients to spend numerous hours outside in the warm weather. Unfortunately this wonderful place has been vandalised over the years leaving nothing but an empty shell with loads of broken glass, graffiti and a feel for sadness.


Sanatorium Du Basil

Moving on in the afternoon the team set a new course 45 minutes North to our next venue called “Fort De La Chateusse”. This was a spectacular venue dating back to WW1 & WW2 occupied by Belgium and French troops. During WW2 this Fort was over powered by the German allies and come under occupation of the German SS. The last 10 remaining soldiers holding the Fort where captured and put on the firing line. Their souls buried on site in the remaining graves. Here our team felt nothing but sadness, hurt, but a strange feeling off negativity was also present.  The team entered what we believe was an officers building but once inside, energy of negative entities was immediately felt and once we ventured upstairs we witnessed an area, what we can only describe as an cult or worship place. It was here that some of our team felt strange and had to vacate the building. Joining us at the Fort where our colleagues from an Dutch paranormal group “Paranormal Research Europe”. Also strangely two off their investigators felt the uncommon feeling of negativity. It was planned to return to this venue in the evening once the sun had gone down to investigate more, however due to bad weather and the site being occupied by immigrants , it was decided that under health and safety we would not return.


Fort De La Chatuesse

Now driving our last journey to our hotel and again sponsored by “Univers Hotel” it was time to relax and get to know each team better over some drinks and a lovely meal. Stories where exchanged amongst some souvenirs from each team. Knowing our team was now getting tired, we decided to call it a day and head to our rooms.



Early start today 23rd September and after breakfast and loading up our final destination was a ghost town just outside Antwerp called “Doel”. This was a town that was made abandoned when the port of Antwerp wanted to expand, and the residents of Doel where asked and paid to leave, however a number remained tight and stayed to fight the battle. To this day now Doel is still mostly abandoned and some residents remain living there. Houses are boarded up and the street are quiet and eerie. the grave yard is the only clue of historic residents once living in this town.


Doel, Antwerp


It was now time to move on and head back to Dunkirk passing Ostend and a quick visit to a family member. Once arriving back to Dunkirk, it was then the long tiring drive back to Yorkshire. Around midnight the team arrived back safe and tired but having a great weekend and visiting all three venues within 24hrs.

The team and Yorkshire Ghost hunts as a company would like to thank a number of people making this journey happen and allowing us to visit these three great wonderful venues.


BELGIUM 22nd to 23rd SEPTEMBER 2018


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Our Guests for following the team

The Team : Mark * Jayne * Lynda* Jo * Phil * Evette * Al.

Our fellow team we joined up with


Marjorie Jor – Vincent Janssen – Vasco Egthuijsen – Laura Princen

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