About Yorkshire Ghost Hunts

Yorkshire Ghost Hunts was founded on the ideology of providing the ultimate paranormal experience for our guests. We are dedicated to investigating old and new buildings and have been lucky enough to investigate some of the most haunted buildings in Yorkshire.

Our founder Jayne started the business in November 2015 and since then we have seen the team grow rapidly to 8 members, consisting of 2 Parapsychologists, Demonologist, Tech operators, First Aider and Venue researcher.

Our aim is to give you the very best ghost hunt possible however, we can never guarantee activity, we do not fake experiences and encourage all of our guests to tell us if they experience anything unusual so we can investigate it accordingly.

If you are daring enough we would love to get you involved in all aspects of our hunts, from solitary investigations to Spirit boards and human pendulums. The only thing we ask is that you are respectful to the buildings, other guests, our investigators and any spirits you may encounter along the way. Whilst taking part during a spirit board session, please do not fake things by pushing the planchette or glass as CCTV is watching and our investigators…….. you do get caught out !!!

Be sure to read our terms and conditions before booking your place, also you can purchase investigation equipment from our sponsor and online store here…

Yorkshire Ghost Hunts are always busy looking for the best venues across Yorkshire.
If anyone has a site, property, or anything they may think is worth investigating, speak to our Lead investigator Mark at any of our events or please contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange.
Our team is dedicated to bringing you the guest, a great experience and Paranormal investigation night.

It’s never been easier to book, simply go to our tickets page, and with the option to pay a deposit it means you can secure your place before tickets sell out. Places go fast so don’t miss this excellent opportunity to experience some of the most paranormal locations in Yorkshire. Who knows… you may just have the most frightening night of your life!

Find out more about what you can expect on one of our hunts right here.

Here at Yorkshire Ghost Hunts, we endeavor to bring you some of the most haunted locations in Yorkshire. Having secured more Exclusive venues and working closely with our new Exclusive site “Hull Guidhall”, our venue research team, are continuously looking for better and better venues.

Yorkshire Ghost Hunts are now looking at trying to secure many great locations all soon to be revealed.

We will keep you updated with all of our events, including the dates of our new investigations. Are you daring enough to join us?

Should you need to know anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us today

YGH Team

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